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You’re Not Just A Number

Here at Calvary Properties, because we exclusively manage properties we own, we only have a handful of properties and tenants under our care.  This means you are treated like family; not just a number.  This means your maintenance requests will be handled promptly, and you’ll always get friendly customer service.  This means you’ll get to enjoy your home and know your in good hands.[/fullwidth_column][one_column][latestproperties opt_latpropno=”8″][/latestproperties][button opt_buttontype=”medium” opt_buttoncolor=”primary” opt_buttontext=”View Available Properties” opt_buttonurl=”” opt_buttonblank=”sametab” ][/button][/one_column]

[one_three_column opt_title=”Customer Service” opt_boxed=”checked” opt_textcentered=”checked” opt_faicon=”envelope-o” ]Our promise to you is that you will be well taken care of.  That means fast response times and friendly customer service.[/one_three_column][one_three_column opt_title=”Experienced Team” opt_boxed=”checked” opt_textcentered=”checked” opt_faicon=”cogs” ]Our family owned operation brings decades of real estate, construction, and management experience.[/one_three_column][one_three_column opt_title=”Maintenance Requests” opt_boxed=”checked” opt_textcentered=”checked” opt_lastrow=”checked” opt_faicon=”envelope” ]Since we own all our properties, we don’t need 3rd party approval.  If you have a maintenance request, we’ll take care of it promptly.[/one_three_column]

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